Matrimonial/Family Law

When a family relationship breaks down the most significant financial asset tends to be the matrimonial home.  The parties may have also invested in property, whether directly or through a personal pension plan (e.g. SIPP).

Andrew Forbes, an independent firm of Chartered Valuation Surveyors are able to provide individuals or their legal advisors with professional independent valuation reports to establish the underlying Market Value.

We have a depth of experience covering a wide range of property types to ensure that all assets can be accurately assessed.  Our valuations are based upon relevant comparable transactions which can be relied upon should they be questioned by Family Court or arbitrator.

We support the collaborative law process whereby couples who have decided to separate or end their marriage work with lawyers (and other professionals) to avoid the incertainties and stress of Court, without the threat of contested litigation.

Andrew Forbes regularly provide independent reports to both parties' solicitors to help arrive at a mutually agreed settlement.

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