Company Accounts Valuations

Companies are often required to provide independent valuations for company account purposes. Unlike other company assets, which are often written down over a given number of years in the balance sheet, land and buildings are required to be valued to current market value.

There are a number of specialist properties which are not readily disposed of in the market where it is necessary to value the buildings by reference to the cost of constructing a replacement building (DCR basis). Examples include chemical works, refineries, etc).

Periodic valuations may be required to be updated at regular intervals to include property holdings in a company's balance sheet. Even where companies employ their own in-house property manager, it is common for at least a proportion of the company's property holding to be valued externally by an independent Valuer to obtain an impartial valuation of the property.

Where there is a change in Directors or Shareholding, the company may require an updated valuation of the company's assets to include a market value of the property holdings. Similarly where a director or shareholder retires, the assets may need to be divided between the remaining directors or shareholders.

Andrew Forbes regularly provides companies with independent assessments of the market value of their properties, on annual, triennial or a one-off requirement.

Andrew Forbes have Registered Valuers with the relevant experience and expertise to provide companies with a high quality of report and individual advice on a range of properties, including retail, business space (offices, industrial and warehouse/distribution space), trade-related (including pubs, clubs, hotels, convenience stores & post offices), investment (commercial, buy-to-let or mixed portfolios) and development appraisals, from £50,000 to £5 million throughout South Wales and the West of England.