Residential Surveys

We specialise in surveys of wider range of properties, including; large estate houses, Georgian, Victorian and other period and listed buildings. We also have experience with modern construction methods and properties of this type.

We offer a RICS Home Survey Level 3 Report (Full Building survey). Our residential reports comply with the RICS Home Survey Standard 2020. We have included a link below to the RICS Home Survey Standard document where further detail can be found on what is included in each type of report. (This link could be included within a text box just saying ‘RICS Home Survey Standard’)

We undertake two types of building survey, a Full Building Survey and a Major Elements Report.

A Full Building Survey can be undertaken on any property, but is generally recommended for period properties with known issues. In summary, it is a more comprehensive report that seeks to cover all elements of the property.

A Major Elements Report is our most popular report for our clients. This is a comprehensive but cost-effective report, which focuses on the major elements and the defects in the property, rather than discussing minor items of disrepair such as decorations, floor coverings, etc.

For both types of report, there are some limitations in terms of the elements we can inspect, such as inaccessible areas including restricted loft spaces, floor voids, etc. Where appropriate, we will engage, or recommend you engage, third party specialists to undertake further investigations of electrical, plumbing and other building services.

We are able to tailored a residential property inspection and report where appropriate, such as a targeted Defects Inspection Report, should this be required.

In order to discuss your particular survey requirement, please feel free to contact us (phone number, request a quote box etc.).

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