Dilapidations Advice

Within the last year of a commercial tenancy, preparing a Schedule of Dilapidations and Wants of Repair will provide landlords and tenants with invaluable advice on:

  • what works are required
  • the likely impact on re-letting/sale
  • recommendations for resolution

Andrew Forbes work is carried out in accordance with the Dilapidations Pre-Action Protocol which has been adopted by the Courts since January 2012 and is enshrined in the RICS Dilapidations Guidance Note.

Our Chartered Building Surveyors work in conjunction with our Chartered Valuation Surveyors when considering whether it is relevant to merely 'cost the relevant outstanding building works' or mitigate a claim by reference to 'diminution in value'.

Our Chartered Building Surveyors can also assist with the preparation of Schedules of Condition at the outset of a lease, which can help with negotiations at the termination of the lease.